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Saturday August 10, 2019

Changed to WEBINAR Online, 9:00AM - 3:30PM PST

Spend the day interacting with speakers and their content through workshops that allow you time to reflect and connect to their theories, tools, and strategies. During the design session, integrate the knowledge you received into a personal plan that fits your family needs.

Check-in between 8:30-9:00 and select your workshops for the day. We will take you through a process to identify what's most important to you and your family.  Throughout the day gain more self-awareness and discover the best of what was, is, and could be.

Word Create Our Worlds

Think of the questions you ask and the tone you use with your children. The moment you ask a question, the outcome has already been determined - even before an answer or solution has arrived. Are you communicating with your child?  Learn how to have more powerful & positive conversations.

Back-To-School Event

August 10, 2019


Parenting Empowerment Programs are Designed to Inspire Through:










Which Creates A Unique Experience Allowing for Change to Happen Faster and More Naturally

We've created the perfect environment that will allow you to be creative and design how you will intentionally kick-start the school year with your children. 

By the end of the conference, you will:

  1. Gain clarity on your parenting Purpose

  2. Set a specific parenting Intention

  3. Sharpen your skills to parent with Excellence


Your ticket includes:  (Changed to LIVE webinar online - FREE)

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Healthy Snacks Throughout the Day

  • Choice of Several Breakout Sessions in the Areas Of:

    • Achievement​

    • Wellness

    • Relationships

  • Incorporating Appreciative Inquiry techniques to elevate your experience

    • Purposefully designed to allow for more engagement and less lecture

    • Time to reflect on the information and plan strategies on how to leverage the information you've gained from the workshops::

      • Prepare Future-Ready Kids with Emotional Maturity - A 4 Stage Technique to Develop EQ & IQ for Mental Health & Performance

      • YouEQ Neuro-Gamification for Parents with Children Ages 4-12

      • YouEQ Neuro-Gamification for Parents with Children Ages 12 and Up 

      • Journey Mapping - To Identify Opportunities with Your Children 

      • A New Theory of Teenagers (and a New Theory of You!) - Seven Transformational Strategies to Empower You and Your Teen

      • Own Your Parenting; Own Your Life - How to Consciously Deal with Triggers

      • Love Thru Inquiry - How to Spark Compassion & Empathy with Your Child

      • Breaking the Rules & Parenting with Courage

      • More Powerful & Productive Conversations with You Children

  • Free Coaching Session

  • Access to Resources, Tips, and Toolkits

  • 50% Discount on Any Of Our Next Event 

  • Raffle at the End of the Day


Achievement Workshops

Deana Hsu

Facilitator & Coach Specializing in High-Performance, and Emotional Intelligence with a passion in developing programs for parents and kids.


Suzanne Campi

Certified Professional Development, Communications Coach, Conversation Choreographer, and Appreciative Inquiry trained consultant

Kami Thordarson

Author of Design Thinking for School Leaders: & Director of Innovation & Digital Learning for Campbell Union School District


Wellness Workshops

PR shot.jpg

Jennifer Ozgur

Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator, Trauma-Informed & Brain-based Consultant, Teacher, Author, Parenting Advocate creating programs so students may flourish.

Kaleena  & Aaron Amuchastegui

Authors of 5-Hour School Week: An Inspirational Guide to Leaving the Classroom to Embrace Learning in a Way You Never Imagined


Christa Santangelo, PHD

Faculty at UC San Francisco, Clinical Psychologist, and author of A New Theory of Teenagers: Seven Transformational Strategies to Empower You and Your Teen

Relationship Workshops

Ed Kang

Creator of the emotional intelligence card game, YouEQ, international speaker, and co-founder of The Journey of Discovery, a humanitarian relief non-profit




Licensed Psychotherapist & Executive Therapeutic Coach, children’s author, and founder of My Hearty Kid empowerment program

Kat Da Silva

Certified Conscious Parent Coach, Founder of Root to Rise Parent Coaching & Lifestyle, & Purpose-Drive Mom.  Co-director of Conscious San Jose

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August 10, 2019

Changed to LIVE webinar online - FREE
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